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Voltz - energy switching app


Half of our customers save an average of £499* per year! (*based on 200 random quotes sampled this October)"...utterly goof-proof and takes about five minutes to do"- Metro
"...aimed at the three-fifths of Brits who have never switched supplier..."- Evening Standard
"It even shows how many complaints have been logged against suppliers..."- The Mirror
***** App of the Week*****- The Sun
Voltz manages your electricity and gas bills for you. Voltz tracks the energy market and sends a personalised alert to your phone when it finds a good deal. Switching takes just a few taps. You won't believe how easy it is.
To take full advantage, please allow Voltz to send you notifications after installing the app!
Voltz saves everything down: When you switched, who you switched to, the name of the tariff, your regular payment amount, the rates you are billed on, the terms and conditions – it is all there at the tap of a finger.
Voltz knows when your current deal expires and tells you way in advance about the cheapest alternative, so you don't accidentally end up overpaying for an expensive standard rate tariff.